Sunset Cruise

Sunset Cruise
If you have never visited the northen coast of Crete and perceive a sunset experience, this is the best time to book your place. You will also get an opportunity to explore sea caves, swim with friends, and jump to swim from the boat while you explore the sea.
By booking a sunset cruise, you will enjoy the Aegean Sea Sunset. You can see some pictures bellow.

One of the merits of booking a sunset cruise is that you may last all day long . All the COVID-19 prevention measured are observed to the later. Also, you can book your ticket via your mobile phone or laptop from Aiolos Sailing or Aiolos Sailboat Facebook and website.
Once you have booked the cruise, you will receive an instant confirmation. Also, you will have the benefit of having an English or a Greek tour who will help you enjoy your adventure around the sea. You can carry a small group of up to six people.

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