Full Day Cruise

Full-Day Cruise from Rethymno with Aiolos is what you need to have the most unforgettable trip of your whole life!

Greece - Crete

A full-day cruise with Aiolos Sailboat at a coastline is worth your budgeting. Imagine taking this magical journey as you carry out fishing , swimming or exploring! You can also prefer to sunbathe across the beach as you enjoy with your family. If you are thinking of a place to take your family for a holiday the following summer, consider a full day cruise near a beach.
Take a look at some of the ways you can enjoy a full-day cruise sunset as you discover your world.

You need to visit a sandbanks and enjoy some of the fruits of swimming and fishing. You can take your whole family and enjoy bathing with sand.

Apart from sand bathing, you can enjoy some of the boat trips from Rethymno and maximize your full-day cruise. Some of these boat trips will take you to some of the beautiful sceneries with rocks or reefs. Instead of spending your day in town, take a full day cruise and enjoy nature to the fullest. You will not realize it as the sunset.

Also, all the health and safety precautions to prevent COVID-19 and other diseases have been adhered to later.

You can use your mobile device to contact us , so we can check check availability and start times. Once you have booked your cruise, the confirmation is instant. The other merit of clinching this cruise is that there are live English tour guides that will guarantee your safety as you explore.

In a nutshell, if you are not busy this weekend, plan a full-day cruise for your family, and you will not regret your options.