If you are tired of ordinary cruises, combine the sightseeing cruise with a fishing trip with Aiolos in the Aegean Sea and make it more memorable. You will have an extraordinary experience of sailing with a fully equipped boat by a captain. The captain is experienced in fishing for many years, and you will learn all the types of fishing as you explore the sea.

The other merit of having this cruise is that you will enjoy the fishing experience with professionals. Also, as you wait for the baits to traps any fish, you can enjoy swimming in the Aegean`s turquoise water. The boat may also anchor in some beautiful bays and allow you to swim across the seas as you want the fishing experience. As your tour through the beautiful bays.

As you explore the sea, expect fishing , you will explore the ocean before having the first rest.

You do not have to worry about the long hours of sailing as numerous activities will keep you busy as you enjoy the fishing.

Our guide captain will keep you posted on everything you require to make the boat trips from Rethymno memorable as you enjoy fishing.

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