Caves exploring

Caves Exploring
If you have been thinking of a cruise to take your family or friends, think of visiting the enormous caves of Crete. You will have ample time as you enjoy a Cruise through them with Aiolos Sailing from Rethymno. By booking the cruise, you will have a chance of exploring areas of Cretan caves and wildlife together.

Your safety is guaranteed as all the safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are adhered to. Tou will have a couple of hours to explore some of the enormous caves across the sea. Booking confirmation is usually instant. Also, as you plan to explore the caves, you will be escorted by a tour guide in English and Greek.

Do not forget to bring your camera with you.

It would be amazing if you had to carry a pair of masks, sunglasses, sun hat and swimwear. You may also take some personal items to enhance your comfort as you explore the caves. Your safety is well guaranteed as the tour guides have explored the caves to the latter. It would be best if you co-operated with them as they understand all the dangerous but amazing places.

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